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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Interfacing and Cotton canvas are here!

YES! It's finally here the frikin canvas and Peltex Single sided interfacing (somehow I just love saying this over and over again :)). The canvas arrived on the 4 th actually and I had to get it from the post office.Stupid me for not checking the postbox earlier.Then the interfacing arrived on the 16th.I was so very excited.
Unfortunately there was one thing that I was worried that hadn't arrived yet...my new collection of yummy fabrics.Then with ultimate yayness, I got the notice in my mailbox today for another package which I assume is my treasure of fabbies.However, the downside to it is that I can only take after raya cos demmet the post office sure close la for the holidays.

I've already finished a few clutches and wanted to send to my awaiting clients oso cannot cos like I said the posmen all holiday lah! Gonna upload some pics for you to see of my journey of my homemade clutches. As you can see down below are the envelopes and packages that I've received from overseas.These pics here are pics of my magnetic snaps from Hong Kong, the peltex interfacing from United States and the cotton canvas from Korea.
So these are my fabrics.I will present it in a more compact and easy to see manner a bit later in the blog.For now, I just wanna show you my raw materials first.

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