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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ME CLUTCH BIG SIS version for only RM 50 each free postage! Standard ME Clutch for RM 35 also still for sale! Hurry fabrics running out!

Hey there friends..this is my first blog for 2010..Happy New Year! Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's everybody! So sorry for being late in adding my blog cos I have been so overwhelmed with orders for the ME CLUTCH! Thanks so much for all your support dear friends.

This post introduces the beautiful ME Clutches big sister (4' by 10' inches) at only RM 50 inclusive of postage. For only RM 15 more than the standard clutch, it's longer than the standard ME Clutch, can stash more things and comes in plain but elegant blue, purple and black sateen fabrics too. The design on cotton designer fabrics are also more visible compared to the standard ME Clutch. Suitable for dinner or a funky night out! Shown are examples of done BIG SIS Me Clutches if you are interested.
Clutches can be made from the selection of available US designer fabbies listed in SEPT 2009 posts or blue (sateenny cotton-slight shine), purple (sateenny cotton-slight shine )or black (pure sateen-very shiny) fabrics as shown above. Other plain colour sateen fabrics MAY (depending on store availability) be available only upon request.

Remember buttons may differ from pics shown above depending on availability as each clutch is unique! :) You may choose either the shiny string diamente deco or the buttons for the sateen BIG SIS ME Clutch. This does not apply to the BIG SIS ME Clutch with cotton US designer fabbies which only come with buttons. All lovingly handmade..Please make an order now! You won't regret it :)