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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Buttons Galore! Buy a ME clutch decorated with these buttons for only RM 35 each(w postage) ! Select designer fabrics from the Sept posts!

This entry is just dedicated to my collecton of buttons. :) I buy mine mostly from the Art Friend shop and through Etsy. Just received a new batch from Thailand. I think it's cheaper than buying them here in KL and there's more variety online. I heard there are nice ones at Yee buttons SS2PJ but I have yet to check it out. Do tell if you know any good place to buy cute buttons! So here are some pics!

Big huge colourful buttons!

Great retro looking big buttons

Candy buttons!

Pastel multi shaped buttons

Friday, October 9, 2009

Get to know the ME CLUTCH and OWN one for RM 35 each inclusive of postage! Choose fabrics from my SEPTEMBER post now!


First of all I would like to explain the meaning of the ME Clutch.Basically, the ME Clutch symbolises everything about a person's personality. When you are carrying the ME Clutch,you are carrying YOUR personality or perhaps in your words, "This is ME, this is MY style!" Hence the different fabric designs of the ME Clutch :)

So let's get to know the ME Clutch a bit more closer.

First of all, modelling this cute clutch is my cute cat Oreo. He observes everything I do so you will be seeing a lot of him in this blog. He even sits next to my sewing machine when I sew. Sometimes his fur gets on the fabrics and you can even see it on some pics here but don't worry I make sure I clean the clutches before sending them out to my clients. Silly cat. Aaanyyywayyy....

So here are the pretty ME CLUTCH stats :

SIZE : 8' by 4' (length and height in inches)

MADE OF : Designer cotton fabric, ultra firm interfacing, lining, thick cotton canvas, metal magnetic snaps, plastic buttons.

MAKE : Totally handmade

WIDTH : 1 inch

FEEL : It's mediumweight, flexible but keeps its shape, non-washable cos there's cardboard for support and fits perfectly within your palm.

The ME CLUTCH does not include zips or straps or handles.Buttons may also differ with each individual clutch made depending on the buttons available and each Me Clutch is unique and never the same.
However, I'll be coming up with handbag designs soon so those will probably include them.

So be patient ppl!!! :)) But that's for another posting. For now it's just the clutches.

This is the front view.You can see the magnetic snaps attached.

This is the inside view with the ME label handpainted with fabric paint on canvas.The clutch lining in this pic is prior to ironing so it's a bit crumpled. As you can see plenty of space for a maybe a slim handphone, important cards, some cash and a lippie! It covers tightly when closed and even coins will not drop out.

Another clutch with the Hippie Chicks designer fabric ..what do you think of the buttons? You know you can specify how many buttons you want on your clutch.Some of my customers ask for just one button, others ask for a lot and others ask for none.However, the maximum is 8 pieces of buttons for each clutch.

The Back view

Front view

Interior view

Another design by Hippie Chicks..It's so colourful..yummm...

The lining is made of a satinny cottony (is that a word?) semi shine fabric in grey.It's thick and durable and supported by heavy duty cotton canvas imported from Korea. I really hate when I buy bags and the lining is so thin it tears of easily from the seams so I made sure my clutches have good tough linings.

The tiny flowers just pop don't they?

This is a pretty one.The fabric is by Luella Doss and Andrea Schuster.I made this for my niece. She paid a bit more for more buttons so this was custom made for her.

L.O.V.E.S. it!! Even feel like keeping it for myself! Every clutch is unique even when it's sewn with the same fabric.

I'll be uploading more done clutches soon when I have the time. So for those interested, keep a look out for this post :) Remember only RM 35 for each ME clutch! And that's inclusive with postage!What a deal!