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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ANNIVERSARY SALE starts now! Ends NOV 2010! Hurry before fabbies run out!

Hi everyone!
Yes it has been a year since Sew & Sing & Everything Bling blogshop launched online. To celebrate I'm organizing a sale for ME CLUTCH and the BIG SIS CLUTCH for some of the US and NZ fabbies which will be displayed below.

The original price for the ME Clutch is RM 35 and BIG SIS Clutch is RM 50. The sale will bring RM 5 off the clutches and it's STILL inclusive of postage fees.
ME CLUTCH details:

Size : Length: 8 inches, Width: 4 inches, Thickness 1 inch

SALE PRICE: RM 30 ONLY inclusive of postage fees.



Size : Length: 10 inches, Width: 4 inches, Thickness: 1 inch
SALE PRICE: RM 45 ONLY inclusive of postage fees

You can also see other gorgeous done clutches from the November 2009 and February 2010 blogs. Just click the link on your right to see them!

The fabbies below are the ones that you can choose from. They are only available in limited amounts so you gotta be fast to book your clutches! These are designer fabrics from the US and NZ so once it's gone, the particular design is not available anymore as they're a one off. To order, please state what number and which clutch you would like : ME Clutch and/or BIG SIS Clutch. Good quality handmade and really tough..most importantly unique and fashionable! Trust me I own several and had a lot of great feedback from my clients. So shop away friends!!

1.Mod Dots by Patty Young
2. Night Owls by Michael Miller (SOLD OUT)
3. Brown fern (NZ designer)
4.Pink Bebe Spot (NZ Designer)
5. Japanese Summer
6. Starburst grey (NZ Designer)
7. Red stripes (NZ Designer)
8. Kiwi fruit (NZ Designer)
9.Rainbow Apples
10.Pink flowers (NZ Designer)
11.Purple Diamonds (NZ Designer)
12.Hippie Chicks No.9 by Michele D'Amor
13. Nice Threads
14. And Sew On
15. Targets by Kaffe Fasset
16. Peace Sign
17. Flights of Fancy
18. Jazz Brown
19.Jewel Stripes

20.Modular Lavender
21.Free Spirit by Luella Doss
22.Garden Party Plum
23. Blossom Buds
24.Diamond Green
25.Lily Ponds blue
26.Rainbow Garden
27. NZ Fern

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